In 2008 the artist goes through a special phase of her work, that becomes the result of a protest and not sheer display.

Man-Beast is the symbol of decay and corruptibility, it is indeed the artist’s own public accusation against the “beast” kind of man as well as any kind of violence and perversion. Our society is nowadays lacerated by violence, where the most sensitive categories, such as women and children are hit the most.

In so doing the artist makes fun of that kind of Man and his privacy, disguising his weaknesses. Men can only get over it abusing the weaker sex. Women are their favorite victims. That’s why they are so frustrated and long for a revenge. The artist’s most impressive works are inspired by this rage, repressed for many years, centuries of submission to men. All over the world we hear about women forced to wear the “burqa”, victims of infibulations, whose skin is burnt by acid, buried alive and lynched. Women are not given any education basing upon sexual discrimination.

The artist doesn’t despise painting women as well, especially her Woman-Zebra, that became a symbol of her style. Painting is a way to express herself and to rise against unfairness. The artist finally got to depict women with the same eyes of the Beast: women as an object, with neither identity nor conscience, like farmyard animals.