In the deformation of the truth, in the fantastic reinterpretation of situations and human behaviours we find a key of reading of the painting of Rita Pierangelo, young artist that wants to open with the people that watch her works a discussion on the negative points of this society and, particularly, on the tormented relationship between the feminine and the masculine universe

Restless and strong woman, that has experienced since the adolescence the possibility to express herself through the art, with her pictures, without any indulgence or rhetoric, wants to explore the intimacy ” not resolved” who lodges in everyone of us and to point out the degeneration that the modern society is suffering.

On her canvas we find represented extreme situations, to the limit of what could be defined “forbidden”, exposed with a sharp language, thus like the clearness and the accuracy of the details are the syntax chosen by Pierangelo in order to arrive to an opened and clear exploration of the deformations of the human being.

The repudiation of the nature itself of the human being is exactly the fulcrum of the metaphoric speech of the artist, that describes the individual as an entity that should distinguish himself for intellect and sensibility, reduced instead to hybrid, between man and beast, destined to an eternal dissatisfaction and vanity.

The victim and the predator, wolf and lamb, do not show themselves like undistinguished personages that may be recognized for their identity, but hidden under a veil of uncertainty and animated by the controversial strength of the surrealistic reality in which they entered, they find themselves to feature confused roles, as actors who carry the spectator to doubt of every appearing truth.

The research of “The Ego” taken by the artist has the scope to find again those human qualities and those lost feelings, leaving from the often alarming representation that the mind dictates: love, physical attraction, vendetta, mercy, ambition, indifference are strictly connected and often difficult to distinguish, because multiple sides, overlapped, of a unique world. The truth becomes therefore interpretable in as many ways, a relative truth that does not follow any moral.

Here, therefore, revealed the objective of the artist: the difficult denunciation of the daily actuality of the perverted, the unsolved way towards a socially shared distinction between good and evil and, above all, the research of an absolute justice, not only looking as good, neither indulgent, but that coincide with the good… good represented through a “surrealistic vision” set free from every moralistic infrastructure.