The two skulls created by Rita Pierangelo are not human, but they indeed show human features that are similar to animals.

However, there is no creature on this planet with these same features.

Do the skulls belong to aliens? Or do they come from the future close or far?

The artist wants us to stop for a moment and look at the point of no return of evolution. In a world where civilization doesn’t let us survive, will the “civilized people” be really doomed to survive?

Charles Darwin stated that human species that have more chances to survive are neither the strongest, nor the more intelligent. The species that survive are those who better adapted and reproduced in the environment in which changes took place.

If changes bring to an uncivilized and merciless society, a question arises: which kind will be more likely to survive? On one side there are those who try to fight unfairness with no fear, on the other side there are the weak people leaning and trying to adjust to the perverted political environment, becoming “animal predators”.

Work made with colored acrylic resin.