Experience and life experience sets each person apart in his body, in his speech and in his hearing of the self. The artistic proposal of Rita PIERANGELO draws from her own inspiration. Her project explores in an in-depth way a very intimate symbolism which communicates, through a language of self-expression, self-awareness of one’s inside ego.

Her work is a kind of visual journalism and her paintings are like unique and extraordinary windows. Rita sees past experience as a knowledge that can be acquired only through the experience of the body. Her artistic language reveals the representation of women becoming animal and degenerating into a beast. The technique of the portrait becomes a metaphor for the mirror in which every woman can reflect herself.

Rita wants to introduce a progression of those experiences which are difficult to express through long moments of reflection and introspection in order to create a workable model. This model was born from a deep analysis of form and technique, involves an ironic, critical and social message,with the intention of emphasising the social comparison. For her, the body image is the structural trace of the emotional history of the human.